Perimeter83 at University of Advancing Technology offers premier workforce technology training designed to skill-up your team fast. With certificates in areas like cyber security, blockchain, data cloud, artificial intelligence, app development and more, Perimeter83 can take your employees to the next level.

In addition to training programs, Perimeter83 houses the only coworking space in the Valley designed specifically for technology start ups. You’ll have access to talent and technology you can’t find in other coworking spaces and be surrounded by like-minded tech entrepreneurs.

The only coworking space specifically for tech startups Perimeter83 is a community of technophiles, innovators and entrepreneurs.   We have more tech talent per square foot than any other resource in Arizona We know what technologists and innovators need to thrive. Here, you’ll have access to technology and talent that you …


2625 W. Baseline Rd., Tempe, AZ 85283


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