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Cyber Security

Learn to design, secure, document and lead information technology networks and other vital resources. Students will learn and practice principles of secure network and information operations such as cyber posture assessment and development, incident response and forensics. Courses include: Introduction to Cyber Security, Principles of Cyber Forensics, Principles of Network and Application Security.

Cyber Organization

Courses include: Information Governance, Risk Mgmt, DR and IR, Information Assurance, Social Engineering, Continuity

App Development

Learn the skills needed by startup founders and engineers as they create, resource and grow entrepreneurial entities that deliver technology products. Students will train as startup leaders who learn the growth stage, legal, operational, finance, sales, development and crowd tools in use by small companies launching their ideas. These concepts are learned in real-world scenarios as students go through the steps and interact with startup communities while preparing their ideas for market. Classes include: Organizational Metrics and Analysis, Managing People in a Technology Environment, Technology Forecasting and Change Management.

Data Cloud AI

Courses include: Advanced Programming Concepts and AI, Databases and Web Development, and Cloud Computing. 


Learn the Blockchain architecture, principles and algorithms. Students in this program can learn to code Blockchain applications while studying its advancing trends and working within sandboxes to create prototype solutions. Courses include: Blockchain Architecture, Coding Blockchain, Blockchain Applications and Prototyping. 

Game Production

Develop the skills to analyze and produce complete works in the electronic gaming arena. Gain the background and experiences needed to navigate the game industry and lead an effective production team in entertainment or game development.  Courses include: Game Production and Documentation, Game Marketing and Advertising, and The Business of Gaming. 

Game Development

Courses include: Marketing, Business of Gaming, Game Production

Digital Maker

Courses include: Makerspace Tools, Fabrication, Materials and Build Techniques, and Agile Prototyping and Product Development 

Tech to Market

Courses include: Innovator’s Bootcamp, MVP and Launch, Startup Strategy 

Tech Startup

Courses include: Startup Org Leadership, Funding and Market Forecasting

Innovation Startup


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