The premier place for tech startups.

A community of entrepreneurs and innovators in an environment that puts technology first. 

At Perimeter83, you’ll have access to production work, programming talent, rapid prototyping technology and more to get your product market-ready faster.

More tech talent per square foot than any other coworking space in Arizona.

Perimeter83 provides vibrant events and lecture series, access to a wider breadth of technology and tech-focused mentors, as well as elite training from a regionally accredited university.

Your team will love coming to cowork.

We know what technologists and innovators need to thrive. Here, you’ll have access to technology and talent that you simply won’t find in typical coworking offices.

Access to on-site tech talent

Scrum-friendly team work spaces

Use of Technology

PC and Apple workstations, 3D printers, laser cutters and other rapid prototyping technology

Access to campus-wide collaboration spaces

24 hour access

work when you want to

On-site overnight suites

On-site restaurant with late night food service


Reception services

Notary onsite

USPS, FedEx, UPS and print services on-site

Private phone and conference lines

Professional board room

Starbucks coffee

Bike storage

on-site parking

Premier access to special events
and mentor speaker series

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Check out our different offers and do not hesitate in ask if you have more questions about it.


Starting $99


Starting $299


Starting $399

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